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Marvel Legends Venom Build-A-Figure Reissue Up for Order!

With New York Toy Fair 2020 just two weeks and change away, I expected Hasbro to hold all their cards close to their vest until the event. Nevertheless, over the weekend images leaked of a new version of the popular 2018 Hasbro Monster Venom Build-A-Figure. And now, those who missed out on the original release […]

Toys ‘R’ Us makes comeback after teaming up with Target

Toys ‘R’ Us makes comeback after teaming up with Target More than two years after filing for bankruptcy, Toys ‘R’ Us has managed to make a comeback with the support of a competitor, just in time for the holiday season. The iconic toy brand has relaunched its website, shortly after US retail chain Target announced […]

Children, parents won’t let toy sales slow down

The $1.5-billion domestic toy industry has also seen a flurry of new launches across price points as they look to aggressively expand across tiers. “The economic slowdown has not impacted us. Hamleys works on two parameters — pester power and guilt,” said Kinjal Shah, business head for Hamleys India. Pester-power or ‘nag factor’ is the […]